City of Adelaide - ChargePoint Fuel Cell Recharge Station

Using the World's first Fuel Cell Powered Electric Vehicle Recharging Station (@ the Adelaide Central Market UPark)

This unit demonstrates the combined use of this type of technology for the home user.......

The company ChargePoint has joined with the Adelaide City Council to kick start this innovative scheme

See for details.....

Users of this service are required to register with ChargePoint

(Currently - April 2011 - the Adelaide City Council and ChargePoint are underwriting all costs) 

The intelligent ChargePoint bollards SMS the driver of relevant charging problems and also notify the driver when charging is complete.

The above screen shot shows an SMS sent to my mobile phone when I pulled the mains plug out of the car.....

If interested, some of the ChargePoint advertised features are:

Each station is embedded with an on-board computer, a fluorescent display, a standards based RFID reader, and a utility-grade meter providing precise, bi-directional energy measurement.  All stations are network-enabled, capable of reporting energy usage and communicating over the network with Software Application Services and Network Support Services to activate capabilities such as:

The ChargePoint web based "Driver Portal" provides the EV driver with a history of use...... (sample above)

Another nice service for us EV drivers..... Thanks City of Adelaide!

Local drivers interested in using this service should contact Peter Nattrass at the Adelaide City Council ( )

Note that the two casual recharge parking bays at the Adelaide City Council UPark on Grote Street remain in service as usual but normal parking charges still apply

(the council does provide power free of charge).

This complex is a green building with power used being supplied by the enormous photovoltaic array (solar panels) located on the top level of this building.

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