Conversion Process - Mechanical - Motor Coupler - Page 5 (the sensor magnets)

After searching for hours I gave up hunting for suitable small magnets that could be secured in the 4 mm tapped holes on the coupler

So decided to make my own assemblies in the end....

Here is one DIY solution

Found these high quality small disk magnets in some scrap equipment at work.

They are .125" (3.19mm) in diameter.

They are a very tight fit when pushed into the centre of the socket head 4 mm stainless steel screw as shown above.

I put a drop of Loctite 609 Super Retaining component in the centre of the screw....

Then put the magnet on top....

Then gentle pushed the magnet into the hole


It will loose most of its magnetism if you do.......

The nearly finished product....

Now put the bolt (with magnet in place) in the chuck of a drill and use some coarse sandpaper to rough up the outside of the head

This will allow a high quality epoxy coating to "key" into surface....

Then dip the head into the epoxy and allow 24 hours to cure...

The bottom screw and nut are only used to hold the mounted magnet assembly for coating purposes

The finished screw-in magnets.....

Thread into the coupler - I will use 2 magnets 180 degrees apart for my application....

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