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Many of the dash additions are viewed as things that will change in the next stage of Mightyboyev. Hence I have decided to make custom brackets and not cut into the main dash unit.

A - Alarm "Armed" warning LED

The following items will be mounted on a bracket under the main dash (centre vent area)
B - USB connection to motor controller
C - Motor over temperature condition warning LED
D - "Service/Data logging" switch (bypass switch for PB6 micro switch)
E - Tacho wiring
F - Over-speed output (circuit opens when speed => 5,000 rpm)

Setting up the "Cycle Analyst"

The CA displays:

  • Volts, Watts, Amps: The instantaneous electric power being drawn from the battery Amp-Hours
  • Watt Hours: The accumulated energy that has been pulled from the pack since the meter was reset 
  • Amp-hours lets you know the remaining energy in the battery pack with far greater accuracy than a voltage or LED indicator
  • Speed, Distance, Time: All of the basic features of a bicycle computer, including the average and maximum trip speeds, plus a total distance odometer
  • Regen: If your system has regenerative features, you will be able to measure its effectiveness
  • Wh/km or Wh/mile: A great way to measure your vehicle's average energy use Peak Currents and Voltage
  • Sag: Records the maximum positive and negative (regenerative and charging) currents as well as the minimum voltage on the battery pack
  • Total Battery Cycles and Amp-Hours: Retains life cycle information on the vehicle's battery pack, such as how many charge and discharge cycles the pack has experienced and the total amp-hours that were delivered over its entire life.

Have changed my mind and decided on using four speakers.
In testing, two sounded terrible so I will put up with some extra weight and do it correctly ......

These 4" Kevlar speakers ended up being my choice - Seem Ok for the weight.....

Distributed by Electus in Oz

Referred to as 4" Kevlar Coaxial Speaker with Silk Dome Tweeter
And quoted at 40 watts RMS (really a Chinese think of a number figure)

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