Preparing the Mighty Boy - More on weather and airflow shields = Page 1.....

This "Belly" pan fits under the front of the vehicle and acts as a splash shield as well as reducing drag

(See or DIY forum if interested in this stuff)

A - Lip that fits under front support brace (the old radiator support bit)

B - Bent up s/s "U" section to make the rear of the pan stiffer

C - Mounting holes (mates with current holes in chassis rails)


The completed motor vent guard.....

A - is the lip of the "Top Hat" section support that the "Belly" pan rests on when in position

(You can also see from this photograph how open the area is below the motor - hence the need for the "Belly" pan)

Now to keep the weather out of the motor bay area - all wide open now that the radiator and A/C units are removed....

Hopefully the darg caused by this "Big Air Packet" will also be reduced

(Wind drag at the speeds MightyBoyEV will be used at is not a big issue! But ever bit helps - lots of discussion on DIY about this over the years)

Start of the front grill "backing" panel (vent grill not added yet...)

This will be the only vent in this new panel - it directs airflow on to the motor..... 

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