Preparing the Mighty Boy - Brake and suspension rebuild....

The next step is a complete rebuild of the suspension and braking system with all the bits collected over the past four months

Trevor at South Glenelg Brake Service (another small Somerton Park business) to the rescue....

Trevor is an expert at making hoses and miscellaneous brake components to suit odd and older vehicles to keep the motor registration people happy

For the Mightyboy this included:

Here are a few photographs of the job

Replacement tie-rod ends, lower control arms, stabilizer bar rubbers and brake hoses

Koni inserts fitted into the struts....

Mightyboy owners will note I kept the two piece brake hose configuration.

This was done largely to keep the setup as per the factory to satisfy the motor registration authority.

Said old shockers replaced with better quality gas shockers....

Spring bound rear hoses - Once again as factory supplied....

Now for a lick of paint on these last chassis/suspension components to finish things off

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