Conversion Process - Mechanical - Reassembly of drive train and other chassis components....

Rebuilt half-shafts installed.....

What are the RED marks in all these photographs?

Because I rebuild projects over many months (sometimes years....) I put red nail polish marks on the nuts, bolts and screws that have been tightened correctly. Otherwise it is difficult to remember were you have left the job..... This is obviously important when reassembling suspension, brake and steering components. Once the rebuild is completed, the red marks can be painted over in black or removed.

Refitting of splash shields is also critical in keeping water away from the motor and other electrical components......

Rear brake and suspension components

Just a reminder that when converting an older vehicle into an EV that the following should be considered:

- the wheel bearing should be in excellent condition and not over tightened - use as light a grease as possible

- keep brake shoe drag to a minimum on drum brakes and ensure callipers are in top condition on disc brakes

- keep rolling resistance to a minimum by using narrow tyres inflated at maximum rating - avoid aggressive thread designs such as those found on off road vehicles

- use as light an oil as practical in the gearbox/transmission (see photograph at the bottom of this page)

all of these things help in keeping "rolling resistance" low and hence better km/kwh.......

Note the single leaf rear spring - a clever design in that it is taper.....

Much thicker in the centre - loading capability of 350 kg

As mentioned above, it is a good idea to use as light an oil as practical in the gearbox/transmission

In this case I have used a Semi Synthethetic 75W - 90 weight gearbox/transaxle oil

Note: For the Suzuki one should use an ALI specification of GL-5 (not GL-4)

This completes the "Conversion Process - Mechanical" section

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