Preparing the Mighty Boy - Windscreen wiper linkage arms upgrade - Page 2

The following information assumes you have access to a small lathe and equipment to silver solder...

Old linkage (top) - New linkage (bottom)

Four 6mm S/S (6mm x 25 - 316 grade) nuts and bolts used....

A - heads of bolts turned down to reduce height

B - nuts "stepped" to insert into old brackets

C - top spacer

D - bottom spacer

Stepped nuts silver solder into old brackets (holes drilled to suit)

How they are assembled....

A - bolt

B - top spacer

C - bottom spacer

D - captive nut

And you end up with this.....

Small top and bottom spacers allow the arms to swing without binding on brackets

It is recommended to use a thread locking product (Loctite or equivalent) on all threads

This is another area that causes a problem....

Over time water gets trapped in here and the joint becomes tight, this causes the wiper motors to work a lot harder and eventually fail or blow the fuse.

These can easily be taken apart by removing the small ring clip, cleaned up and regreased

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