Cost Summary for Project

Notes about this cost summary:

In November 2010 MightyBoyEV was upgraded to a Li-Ion battery pack please follow this upgrade on this site at Using MightyBoyEV - Note the costs reflected below do not include this upgrade.

Costs given below exclude labour costs, with the exception of some panel restoration and spray painting of the vehicle. I have tried to quote worst case situations within these costings. This project is unusual in the sense that it combines a total vehicle restoration and a vehicle drive conversion. The vast majority of EV conversions do not include a total vehicle restoration. Hence I have divided the cost summary into two sections. The Table 1 provides a cost break down of the EV conversion and Table 2 summarizes the vehicle and vehicle restoration costs.  It is worth noting that the Suzuki Mightyboy was a very low cost commercial vehicle and the restoration performed in this project brings the vehicle up to a standard beyond that of the original factory product. Quality undercoating and paint work will provide many more years of life to the Mightyboy.  The improvements to the suspension system help make the small vehicle more drivable. The rebuilding of the seats, new interior trim and the sound system upgrade all add to the project. The final result of spending around $8,000 on the restoration will virtually be a new vehicle. In many ways this is over capitalizing but the very things that made the car low cost are the features that make it an attractive EV donor vehicle. The very thin panel work and basic simplicity results in an extremely light car. Given the costs outlined below, it is clear that EV conversions for the most part are only viable if the labour component is kept to a minimum.  The gains in using Li-Ion battery technology are clear but costs remain high and designing for the lower end of your requirements in my view is desirable at this stage. However, all design work should be scalable to allow for lower cost cells or alternative technology in the future. This means designing for the best performance motor for your conversion and ensuring all mechanical work is of a high standard. Electrical wiring and associated junction boxes should be designed with upgrading capacity where possible. In the case of this project, stage 1 now uses a 72 volt AGM SLA configuration (please see Battery Dilemma for updates on this) but all cable work, ducting and junction boxes are designed to accommodate a 120 volt system planned for stage 2. Please note some of these components below were purchased when the Australian dollar was very strong against the US dollar - So costs of these items would be significantly high today (February 2009).

Mightyboy EV Conversion Cost Summary
Table 1
Costs associated with conversion to electric drive


Description and Vendor

Cost (ALL in Aust$)

Electric Motor

Advanced DC Motor ? Model 203-06-4001 ?from EV Motors Sydney (local agent)


Motor Controller (for Stage 1)

Alltrax 7240 controller ? Thunderstruck in USA


Stage 1 Battery Pack 6 - Power-Sonic  12v -100Ah AGM SLA Batteries (please see Battery Dilemma) $1,500

Battery Pack (including BMS)

TBA but current stage 1 is designed for 24 x 90Ah Thundersky Li-Ion cells (3 volts each = total 72 volts or 72 volts x 90Ah = 6.48 Kwh and I design is for 80% DOD) Battery Box Design will allow for up to a 12.76Kwh battery pack based on current dimensions.

Can't afford in Stage 1 of this project

Battery Management System BMS to Suit No needed in Stage 1 of this project

Battery Charger

Delta-Q "On-Road-Charger" Charger (QuiQ)


Main Contactor

Nanfeng ZJW400A Contactor
(400A rated, 12V coil -
Albright SW200 clone made in China) ?ZEVA - Western Australia


Main Circuit /Safety Breaker

Airpax 160V 250A Circuit Breaker
(for small to medium power vehicles)
  ?ZEVA - Western Australia
Note: These units have a hole in the actuating lever that allows a neat mechanical connection (the old choke cable in many cases) to be used as the emergency “cut-off?switch required by the registration authorities in my home state. Knob on the inside of the vehicle must be visible, red and clearly marked “Emergency Shut-Off?o:p>


Gauges and Monitoring Devices

Cycle Analyst High Voltage/High Current version ?Thunderstruck in USA
Large LCD (Blue) Amp Meter ?200 Amp Shunt with Isolated 13.8 DC to 13.8 DC inverter to float the unit (the main 72 volt battery pack floats ?hence the shunt is NOT connected to chassis earth)


Throttle “Pot Box?o:p>

Curtis PB6 or equivalent


Isolated DC to DC converter

72 volt to 12 volt converter to charge auxiliary battery - required by the registration authorities



Replace Radio with “Bluetooth? equipped Sony BT2500 stereo system including new speakers ?EBay purchase


Misc New Electrical/Electronic Components

Central locking, security system and reverse sensors! ?EBay purchases 


Material for Battery Box

Steel and 3mm PVC sheet for fabrication work


Laser cutting, materials for adaptor plate, materials for engine mounts and motor/gearbox coupler parts Various Vendors $200

Misc Wire, Connectors and Relays

In my case sourced from previous projects but others might like to budget for up to $400


Services of Profession Engineer and associated re-registration fees Various Services by

5 Cooke Terrace WAYVILLE SA 5034

T +61 8 8273 3100  F +61 8 8273 3110




Table 2
Costs associated with original vehicle purchase and
complete restoration costs


Description and Vendor

Cost (ALL in Aust$)

Donor Car - to “re-birth?

Purchased from “friend of friend? * ICE motor and other unneeded bits sold to offset initial cost


Spare Body Parts

Including a next to new bonnet, bumper bars, all light assemblies, door seals and interior parts (including a replacement  seat and better dash assembly) ?from U=Pull-It wreckers Adelaide


Master Brake Cylinder Rebuild

Fitting of stainless steel liner to master brake cylinder and new hoses ?Glenelg South Brake Service


CV Joints EBay Purchase $200

Rebuilding Front and Back Brakes Assemblies

Glenelg South Brake Service


Speedo Cable/Gearbox Service

New speedometer cable and replacement of gearbox seals


Shock Absorbers

Rebuild front Macpherson Struts using Adjustable  Koni 86-2400-Sports Inserts. Replace rear shock absorbers with Pedders model Comfort Gas 8101


Suspension Components

Replace lower control arms, new ball joints, wheel bearings and misc rubber suspension parts


Panel Repairs

Dent removal and shrinking of distorted panel work



Two-Pack paint products and associated labor costs involved in the preparation work



Rebuilding of Seats, inside trim, carpets and tonneau   cover


Sun Roof

EBay Purchase


Custom Steering Wheel and Boss Kit

The original steering wheel will be replaced by an after mart ADR approved product (In South Australia rules allow for up to a reduction of 1?in wheel diameter). In addition, a suitable ADR approved collapsible steering wheel boss will be fitted for added safety.



Chrome and “Blue?Zinc plating work (including all nuts, bolts bracket, latches and fasteners)


Windscreen upgrade and glass removal/reinstallation

Windscreens O’Brien Adelaide


1.6mm “Propeller?Plate

Sheet used for lining Ute box/Battery cover



General ? cleaning aids, solvents, etch primers etc






  Project Grand Total $15,462.50

Note: As this vehicle will be used as a daily car, a number of duplicate spare service parts have also been purchased, this will ensure the vehicle can easily be kept on the road in case of a component failure. These spares include, main contactor, main circuit breaker, battery charger (this can be used in parallel with the current Delta-Q charger allowing fast re charge times.... very handy) , controller and a spare solid state relay.

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