Using MightyBoyEV

This section is devoted to using MightyBoyEV on the road and will include final data on the project and any tweaking to improve the "drivability" of the small vehicle.....

This marks the completion of MightyBoyEV - Thanks for all the emails and words of support over the past couple of years, it's been a fun and educational experience and the MightyBoy will now serve me well for the next 10 to 12 years....  

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MightyboyEV update.....  April 29th 2011 - No issues, now 5 months (or 3,000 km) on new Lithium Pack

MightyboyEV update.....  March 31st 2012 - No issues, Lithium Pack still amazing - Just plug in and drive. Solar Power is great. Only minor problem has been a flat battery in one of the "keyless entry" remotes. Better signage has been added to make an EV statement when on the roads,,,,

MightyboyEV update.....
  October 2nd 2013 - Replace the 12 Volt Aux battery (original would no longer hold charge) with a more suitable PowerSonic PDC12200B 20Ah AGM SLA 12 volt deep cycle battery. No other issues, Lithium Pack remains amazing - Just plug in and drive - no noticeable change in performance. Hand brake adjustment is at maximum so rear brake shoes will need attention soon.
MightyboyEV update..... October 21st 2013 Brake fluid changed - Rear Brake shoes and  Hand Brake adjusted
  MightyboyEV update.....  MightBoyEV SOLD to make room for our new i-MiEV purchase - Congratulation to Terry the new owner and I hope it provides him with a great new interest and hobby!

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