Using MightyBoyEV - Battery Upgrade Wiring Modifications - December 2010


I wish to acknowledge Rod Dilkes (EVPower) for suppling Li-Ion batteries, BMS components and chargers for this upgrade

And also for providing me with information needed to make it all work - nice to talk to someone actually using the technology and not just talking about it!




The final "Picturematic" of the Li-Ion wiring modifications for MightyboyEV December 2010



* These two 100k "tie-down" resistors are used for monitoring any earth leakage such as carbon build-up in the brush area of the ADC motor that will occur over time 

Note that the PakTrakr connections are not shown on the above circuit - please see the PakTrakr information if required...




A 12 volt Photoelectric Smoke Detector with inside/outside alarms....



Like wise an "Over-temperature" Warning Buzzer has been added....

Audio Alarm ONLY - NOT part of Interlock system



This start-up warning circuit now replaces the original sound generator I made featuring spoken voices….

The problem with voice start-up sounds was hearing the spoken audio messages above the audio from the cars sound system

For this reason I have chosen to use an industrial style sonalert (but at a low volume for a brief time) that can easily be heard above ambient noise

The perfect solution would be to link the start-up messages into the car audio system but life is to short....

Why a start-up sound? In my view I thought it was important to give the driver an audio indication that the EV was "Ready to drive"



Headlight warning circuit - including additional interior LED lighting - mainly for ignition key area etc....



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