Conversion Process - Electrical - Battery wiring.....

Start of battery wiring....

A - Anderson connector (other half not wired yet - charger lead also not shown)

B - Fuse

C - Future wiring connectors (for balancing or monitoring of batteries)

Torque specification for 8mm terminal bolts is 14.7 N*m = 130 lbf*in or 10 lbf*ft

Update of Delta-Q QuiQ charger algorithm - April 17 2009

Charge Setpoints:

I1 = Max - Pulse

I2 = Max

V1 = 2.41 Vpc

I3 = 1.5A

Overcharge = 110%

V2 = 2.60 Vpc

V3 = 2.35Vpc

Charge Timeouts:

Bulk  = 18 hrs or 150 Ah

Absorption = 4.0 hrs

Finish (min/max) = 6.0 hrs

Overall = 24.0 hrs

This algorithm uses  a pulse termination criterion. As a safety precaution during the "Finish""phase, if the average cell voltage. or volts per cell (Vpc), exceeds V2 and the charger output has been on more than 30 seconds the output is shut off until the Vpc falls to V3. The "Finish" phase then resumes and this "pulsing" continues until the target overcharge is reached.

I switched to the above algorithm (QuiQ 73V -Number 42 algorithm) to increase the charge voltage per cell.

This closely matches PowerSonic's recommended cyclic charge profile and appears to give better results then my first profile.

Note this charger is a two stage cyclic charger (not a "float" charger).

When charging is complete (and if the unit is left plugged in), the unit switches off until the volts per cell drops below 2.1v or it has been 30 days since the last charge cycle.

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