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Just a few notes..... I chose to use Solid Sate Relays (DC - MOSFET output) for KSI, heater and Cycle Analyst control . In the case of the KSI SSR, a pull down resistor is used as the KSI input on the controller draws very little current and the  D1D07 has a minimum load current of 20ma. Many choose to use commonly available headlight or horn relays for this job however these are not actually rated for such applications and most cheaper DC relays are specified at a DC switching voltage of around 30 volts. Users assume that because the KSI current is very low that this is acceptable - the choice is yours.... The other way people go is to tap a lower voltage from the main battery pack (say 24 volts instead of the full main battery pack voltage) and use this reduced voltage for the KSI control. Despite the fact that the loads being switched are non-inductive, I also chose to use clamping diodes across all switched loads. Additional fusing has been added, once again beyond what is really needed but this is a project that will be “played with?so better to be over fused. Dash and other inside cabin wiring will be shown in a separate wiring diagram. This will included ammeter and instrument cluster wiring, the “brake light warning test?circuit modification, Cycle Analyst wiring (including wheel sensor), reversing sensor wiring, remote entry wiring and Sony sound system wiring. Want to print this drawing? Then click here for MightyboyEV Motor Bay Wiring Diagram as a PDF File

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