Conversion Process - Electrical - Alltrax Controller and Cycle Analyst Arrive.....

Alltarx AXE Motor Controller (with 400 Amp Fuse)

Performance product line is designed to be used with series wound motors and
ideal for small "Neighbourhood" electric vehicle applications.  

Features include:

Adjustments via Computer Controller Pro software:

The AXE controller will be used with this Advance DC Motor Imported from America......

Advanced DC Motor

Model 203-06-4001 , 72-120VDC, single shaft, 8" diameter

21.7 HP continuous at 120 VDC

This series wound DC motor is very popular amongst EV builders, a bit old in design but extremely reliable. This motor weights about 50Kg (110lbs).

Horsepower Ratings:

And the baby "Cycle Analyst" will be used to monitor the system.....

Cycle Analyst

Model CA-HC/V - up to 600 Amp @ 14-200 volts (with shunt shown)
The Cycle Analyst is the ultimate little power meter for electric vehicles.
It helps you optimize battery use, extend your range, gives you peace of mind and safety while operating your EV.

The CA displays:

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