Conversion Process - Electrical - Heater/demister solution......

A functioning Heater/Demister is required by most motor registration authorities

The original heater unit circulates hot water from the internal combustion engine...

This is obviously not available in an Electric Vehicle

These units are simple clipped together.....

(Note the fan assembly)

The original heater core....

Close-up of the heater core

My aim is to replace the original core with a PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) Ceramic unit

Positive Temperature Coefficient means the resistance increases (current drops) as the unit gets hotter

Only problem is finding a unit that will operate on 72 Volts! But I'm hopeful....

Update 28/10/2208: Jesse at has come to the party and they are now marketing a 36 to 96 volt PTC Ceramic 1500 Watt Heater - Thanks Guys!

Details at

A very safe heating solution

(The 220 volt assemblies I have bench tested are vary non linear and require over 100 volts to start heating and require over 180 volts to function at the wattages specified.

What is a PTC Ceramic Heater and why use one in an EV?

In practice, the heater is designed with a maximum safe temperature which is relatively independent of voltage applied.  They are self regulating, so there resistance increases as they reach this maximum temperature. If you switch the fan on the heat is dissipated into the air flow and the resistance drops to allow an increase in the current flow to bring the temperature of the unit back to its operating temperature. Increase the fan speed and unit will draw more current to try and maintain its temperature. Very safe for an EV application?

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