Conversion Process - Mechanical - Motor Coupler - Page 2

Motor to Gearbox adaptor (coupler)

Nearing completion - Gearbox end....

Nearing completion - Motor end....

Components consist of:

A - Martin "Weld In" boss

B - Martin taper lock insert for boss (to suit 1.125" motor shaft with .250 keyway)

C - machined up adaptor to marry the Martin Assembly to the cut out spline centre

This is machined to suit the required distance....

D -  the cut out spline centre

E - the set screws used to release the coupler from the motor shaft (the great feature of going this way)

The distance spacer - Martin fitting is a press fit on the left side - cut-out clutch centre on the right side....

The assembly needs to be held together as one unit for welding purposes.

 This is done by machining up a press fit stepped centre alignment mandrel with a suitable hole for a bolt or threaded rod.

A - shows the scrap bits used to sandwich the assembly together

 B- shows the access hole required for the set screws (needed for disassemble)

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