Conversion Process - Mechanical - Motor Coupler - Page 3

Motor to Gearbox adaptor (coupler)

Looking at the other end....

A - hole in mandrel for threaded rod "C"

B - bits made to hold everything square

C - the centre rod

Gearbox end sandwiched and ready for welding at "A"

A - welding needed here (another weld will be required for the boss/distance spacer - see next photograph)

B - junk spacer used to hold everything square

Another view - motor end

A - the alignment mandrel as seen from the motor end

B - the weld in boss (will be welded to "C")

C - the machined up distance spacer

All together and ready for the two welds

A and B - the spacers and rod to hold the unit together for welding

Welding Complete

Ready for a clean-up and milling of "flats" for speed sensor magnets 

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