Conversion Process - Mechanical - Cleaning up the gearbox

Temporary home made sandblasting box

Consists of a large heavy cardboard box with a piece of heavy clear plastic taped to the top of the box

If you try this, take great care in not breathing any of the sand dust

make sure the box is well sealed and wear a very good mask and use goggles as a backup measure

Does a nice job - triple tape all seal and holes before blasting the case......

Ready for a final polish......

Many hours later...... and you need sunglasses!

About the best I can get with the fairly average alloy casting

Do it right the first Time?

This gearbox I paid to have checked out and seals replaced......

Boy did I get ripped off!

Both new drive shaft seals were inserted incorrectly and damaged plus there were metal fragments still in the bottom of the gearbox casing.

So much for saving some time, I get to service it myself anyway.....

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