Using MightyBoyEV - Converting standard 12 volt globes to low powered LEDs - Part 1

All the globes on this project, apart from the head lamps, will be converted to high intensity efficient LED's (light emitting diodes). These draw significantly less current and are many times more reliable then standard incandescent (filament based) globes.   Part 1 is the conversion of the old side indictor incandescent fittings to ADR approved LED's fittings. The high intensity LED globes used here feature, one 3-chip Power SMD (surface mounted device) LED shining in forward direction, and four 3-chip Power SMD LEDs shining sideway. Compared with filament globes they produce virtually no heat output and draw extremely little power. Standard globes used in these fittings consume approximately .36amps @ 13.8v compared with 0.04amps @ 13.8v for the LED replacements - a 9 times reduction in power consumption.


The replacement fitting (top) is from a Holden VT(and VX etc) Commodore and fits directly in place of the original fitting shown below it.

They are a bargain at around $10 each from the wreckers!

The newer design accommodates the LED replacement globe, in addition, the design is flatter and far more compact.

The replacement fitting in place.....

Details of the LED T10 globe (amber)

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