Conversion Process - Electrical - Fabrication of controller heatsink.....

The final fabricated heatsink shapes - tricky given the very small firewall area of this small vehicle

This also makes it hard to use a commercially available heatsink, so the aim is to provide sufficient surface area that will allow "passive" cooling

Effective area works out to be 175 square inches.....

Contact areas for fins and controller base were not sprayed flat black to allow for maximum heat paste transfer.....

Removing the masking tape....

(The base of the Alltrax AXE controller will contact this area)

Heatsink paste used between the fins, controller and the main heatsink.....

(Most of this paste will extrude out when the screws are tightened leaving only a very thin heat conducting transfer layer)

Final assembly in place

The complete assembly is mounted on standoffs that vary in length to suit the irregular firewall

This allows air to circulate behind the heatsink, in addition, plenty of airflow will be around this area when the vehicle is moving.....

Four long tapped hexagon steel standoffs were turned up to allow simpler mounting/unmounting of the Alltrax controller

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