Conversion Process - Electrical - Charger plug and safety interlock.....

The old petrol (gas) filler door was retained and the inside area was modified to suit an IEC socket

The IEC socket used for this project is a sealed metal cased 15A version designed for harsher environments but one should use either an IEC 60309 16A socket outlet or a 15A or greater AS/NZS 3112 socket outlet (three pin flat pin) with an minimum IP rating of IPX4 or higher if in a exposed position.

As you can see, my problem is one of room. Fitting an IEC 60309 IP 44 socket (my preference) would be difficult and look larger then the Mightyboy!

 So.... I am hoping this assembly will be approved given the original door lips largely prevent moisture from entering this area and a weather proof boot (not shown) covers the socket area when not in use. See the Mini EV socket below.....

Now finished - see the Tidying some loose ends page

This is the overseas approved socket and dust cover used on the current Mini EV

This is a poor photograph of the assembly and you can't really see the seal arrangement or the neat interlock arrangement.....

These bits were fabricated - the original screw holes are used.....

An interlock switch off some old equipment was reused as the safety switch....

The authorities in my area require a safety interlock switch to be fitted - this prevents driving off with the mains cord plugged in!

Splash proof dust cover via dummy plug arrangement.....

Any 10 amp IEC lead (ie computer type power cord) can be used

Charge away.....

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