Conversion Process - Electrical - High current wiring from battery pack.....

For this project 35mm2 (or size 2 American Wire Gauge - AWG) high flex cable (ie made up from using a high number of very fine strands) will be used

This is consistent with the application notes for the Alltrax controller

Heavier cable for the short runs involved with this vehicle would for the most part just adds weight

Special consideration will be given to keeping the number of high current connections to a minimum

and ensuring all connections are made to a high standard

Cables are tucked up in what would have been the transmission/drive shaft tunnel.....

Standards here require these cables be colour coded orange....

The cables go through the tray floor here to connect to the battery pack.....

I made up flared plates to prevent rubbing of the conduit were they crossed sharp chassis rails....

And the conduit terminates into an IP66 junction box at the business end.....

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