Preparing the Mighty Boy - Interior trim continued - Page 1......

I ended up adding front speakers but the thin doors really don't allow speaker insertion and the use of speaker "spacers" is also  not an option on the doors.

So I use these commercial moulded spacer units and shape the backs (using a Dremel) to suit the contour of the panel as shown above (each side just below the dash)

Sony Xplod 6" speakers were used.....

The cracked steering wheel has been replaced with an ADR approved Isotta RT Nivola (350mm Diameter) steering wheel
and a certified boss kit to suit....
(Thanks to Carl at for helping with this)

Making the cover plate to allow access to the hand brake cable adjusters......

Light weight Aluminium "propeller" plate is also used for the rear parcel base....

Cover in final position and held down with two dome nuts.....

Seats fitted.....

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