Preparing the Mighty Boy - Wheel alignment, battery cover and off-peak charging socket installation......

Adjusting the "toe-in" as the ball joints on the tie-rod ends have been renewed - now set back to 3mm as per factory

(Also did a rough check on castor, camber and kpi - these all seem OK but no real adjustments on these anyway) 

Propeller plate battery cover in place

(3mm thick PVC sheet covers the bottom side of this cover for added insulation)

The cover has a 30mm lip and is spaced 30mm above the top of the terminals allowing for plenty of air flow

(Note the gap allowing air flow between batteries as well)

A black tonneau cover will cover the ute box as per original.....

Josh finishing the additional wiring that will allow charging from our lower night rate tariff (referred to here as off-peak and currently about 7 cents per Kwh)

This off-peak circuit is active from 11pm to 6 am

In the future people adding this off-peak EV charging outlet in South Australia will be required to use round pin plugs and sockets of the appropriate current rating (NOT the standard 15 amp GPO shown here). Approval is also need from ETSA and an inspection will be likely - the socket should be clearly labelled as "Off Peak Car Charging ONLY"

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