Preparing the Mighty Boy - Starting Body Work

One of the advantages of living in Adelaide is the wealth of talented people in small business

supporting hobbies such as MightyBoyEV

The small industrial precinct in Somerton Park (only a few streets away) is one example,

the services of businesses in this area have been invaluable to me for my many car projects over the years.

This time around, I would like to thank Gil and David for all their help in restoring the vehicle.

Most of the work I prefer to do myself but when it comes to good quality two pack spray painting and trickier panel restoration,

it is time to bring in the guys with years of experience!

Gil with the Migthyboy tailgate and door (in the background)....

Dave undoing front end panel damage from many years ago.....

Mig welding for the new motor mounts....

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