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There are a few things I would like to look at during 2010. After using the vehicle for some time now it has become obvious that I have far to many gauges on the other wise clean looking dash configuration. The only time most of these items would be required is under a fault condition and not during normal motoring. As such, most could be better housed elsewhere on the vehicle accessible only when rarely required for trouble shooting. The other consideration is to remodel the dash/instrument cluster to cater to my every day driving needs. Only three items are really required in my future design.

1 - Replace the original high current Cycle Analyst (Model CA-HC) with a newly available (2010) large screen high current Cycle Analyst (Model CA-LS) - these are an OEM version of the CA designed for use in larger electric vehicles. The Renaissance Bicycle Company has kindly sent me one of these OEM produces for testing.......

Overview of the new large screen format high current Cycle Analyst (Model CA-LS)

All the various Cycle Analyst models and accessories are available here The Cycle Analyst Homepage

Display bezel is 106mm

The original PIC processor board is pretty much the same as the older model

You can see the size difference from the PCB comparison (the large PCB is the display board)

Display is from

This is the new large screen format high current Cycle Analyst (Model CA-LS) fitted in a dash unit overseas

2 - Replace the Suzuki speedometer with a large screen digital display (similar to those used on current motorcycles) - again incorporated into a new dash/instrument cluster assemble. The new large screen format Cycle Analyst has a speed reading included on the display but unfortunately it is not large enough to use as the main everyday speed readout display. (more on this later...)

3 - Replace my current GPS (which is windscreen mounted) with a built in large screen (7" version) GPS unit once again incorporated into the new dash/instrument cluster design. (more on this later as well...)

As a result, the redesigned dash would feature, the Cycle Analyst (Displaying Volts, Watts, Amps, Amp-Hours, Watt Hours, Speed, Distance, Time, Watt Hours/km, Peak Currents and Voltage Sag, Total Battery Cycles and Amp-Hours), large format Digital Speedometer, Turning Indicators, High Beam Indicator, Brake Fluid Level fault Indicator, "Handbrake On" Indicator and lastly the large screen GPS display. 

Please note that these proposed changes to MightyBoyEV will be completed (and reviewed...) later this year (due to extended travel plans for 2010)

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