Using MightyBoyEV - Remodel of the original Li-ion battery enclosure (to be completed later this year)

As mentioned previously, the Powersonic AGMs have serviced there purpose.... I really want better vehicle performance over the entire range. In hindsight even the older TS 90Ah lithium cells would have been a much better choice back then. On the positive side the newer Sky Energy (or CALB) 180 Ah lithium cells teamed up with maybe an Elithion BMS offer improvements over what was available a couple of years ago,especially in there "C ratings" - so in some ways waiting may have been worth it? At this stage I am looking at purchasing these new cells around December 2010. Once again the Australia dollar will help with the final choice.....

The slightly modified original Thundersky enclosure

The new 180 Ah Sky Energy cells fit very neatly in this frame.

Over half of this frame sits below the ute floor (where the old petrol tank was...)

A 1 to 1 "mock-up" of the new pack sitting in the frame.....

Above is the new design of the "hold down" frame

The completed frame with top "hold down" frame in position

Thanks to Dick for his assistance with these modifications.......

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