Using MightyBoyEV - Battery Upgrade October/November 2010 - Page 2



Completed box ready for 24 batteries.....



A couple of the batteries have been talc'd (baby powder in this case) to allow for easier removal in the future



Some fibreglass strapping tape makes an ideal removal handle for the future as well

(used on one battery per row)



Like this....

Slide-in plates (not shown) are fitted to the ends of each of the two 10 cell strings

These are a press fit (in my case 6mm thick) and will prevent any "swelling" of the sides of the cells over time



All batteries in position and top clamp fitted...

(note the ends of the strapping tapes are now folded back)



Protective covers used to prevent an ugly accidents

Shorting terminals is very unhealthy with these 180Ah cells....

(This new design sits much lower with most of the battery pack located in the area of the old ICE petrol tank)


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