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Starting to look at "On Road" data



The PakTrakr Automatic Data Logger looks like this.....


The PakTrakr description (from The PakTrakr website):

The ES1R has its own microprocessor and 2MB FLASH RAM for logging serial data

from the PakTrakr. The device can be programmed to store all incoming data, or to skip

a user-determined number of data strings and store only every nth string. Capturing all

PakTrakr data would fill the ES1Rs FLASH memory in a matter of hours (a 6-battery

system outputs a string of 100+ characters each second). But programming the ES1R

to log every 60th string (once per minute) or every 600th string (once every ten minutes)

or even every 3600th string (once per hour) would allow the ES1R to log data over an

extended time period of days, weeks, or even months. 



The USB/serial interface allows easy connection to a PC.....



Data strings look like this (CSV)......



Some simple commands are available - the most useful being able to select the sample rate.....




Here is a trial Excel graph I did to look at how balanced the cells are (*only after 3 charge cycles - so just playing around)


MightyBoyEV Power Consumption Chart

December 2010

3.3 volts X 24 cells X 180Ah = 14256 w-h

Range @79.2 Volt Pack@110 w-h/km

1760 w-h (12% DOD)

16 km

3520 w-h (25% DOD)

32 km

5280 w-h (37% DOD)

48 km

7040 w-h (49% DOD)

64 km

8800 w-h (62% DOD)

80 km

10560 w-h (74% DOD)

96 km

12320 w-h (86% DOD)

112 km

14080 w-h (98% DOD)

128 km


And the range after a few days use appears to look like this....


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