Using MightyBoyEV - Battery Upgrade October/November 2010 - Page 5


Some loose ends....



Checking the final weight at my local weighbridge

Results (November 2010)

Front axle - 340 kg

Rear axle - 370 kg

Total = 710 kg


Compared to previous lead acid battery weights of:

Front axle - 340 kg

Rear axle - 410 kg

Total = 750kg


This results in an overall saving of 40 kg.....


Have driven the car for a couple of days now and very pleased with the results - will do the second charge today.....



Adding a temperature alarm (set at 60C) to the battery area



This is not interlocked to the system and only used to indicate (audio alarm) that the battery area is hot and that the tonneau cover may need venting.

Adelaide summer temperatures can get hot and the area under the black tonneau cover may reach this sort of temperature especially when parked in the direct sun.




This back area of the cabin is normally used for shopping etc and the open wires should really be covered/protected in some way.....



So the result is this odd  shape.....



Finish cover minus the fire extinguisher

Too bad the power input cable for the Elcon is not located on the other side....  


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