Using MightyBoyEV - Battery Upgrade October/November 2010 - Page 4





All the cell modules are daisy chained as shown.....

The other wiring in these photographs is used for the Paktrakr system (Ken Halls Li-ion Model with current sensor and data logging option)

I have installed this to allow me to monitor each cell from within the MightyBoy cabin, in addition it acts as

a "fuel" gauge and has extra alarms should a cell go out of range (used for redundancy should the main system fail)



The hardest part of this upgrade was getting rid of this tame bloody bird! What a pest......



Happy little "Green" Led's.....



First charge and all seems good!



The completed traction pack..... 



Luckily the old cover can be reused - just need to fill a couple of spare holes......



The new pack is smaller and sits much lower in the ute tray.....


The vehicle is magic to drive now - I can use the full current range of the 450 Amp motor controller - NICE!


More on the performance and new watt-hours figures soon


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