Using MightyBoyEV - Bright Ideas....


A couple of minor miscellaneous additions/upgrades.....



One problem on dark rainy nights is trying to find the ignition key hole on a Mightyboy!


Solution? Add some low powered "White" LED's....


In this case LED "A" points to the ignition key area (20 Deg angle on these devices)

and four other LED's (ie "B"...)  are mounted along the underside of the dash pointing downwards to lightly illuminate the floor well areas


(At the same time a head light warning alarm was added just in case the head lights are inadvertently left on)



The original Mightyboy lights are next to useless...


Thanks to Mightyboy forum suggestions, I upgraded to crystal style semi-seal beam units with Phillips Plus 50 H4 halogen bulbs

The result is amazing for the same power consumption....


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