Using MightyBoyEV - Li-Ion Upgrade "On Road" Final Data Results


Actual "On Road" Data Results (Final Set)



Quick Summary:


Distance Travelled Power Taken Out Power Put Back
51.5 km (32 Miles) 5630 watt-hrs
(75 Ah from pack)
6800 watt-hrs
Overall Efficiency (energy used vs energy put back in) 83%
Watt-Hours/km from the batteries 110 w-h/km (or 187 w-h/mile)
Watt-Hours/km from the power plug (or ATW "At the Wall") 132 w-h/km (or  212 w-h/mile)
DOD for 51.5 km trip 42% DOD
Projected 80% DOD range 100km (worst case)


Pack details: 24 off SE180Ah cells - Nominal voltage = 3.3v

(or 24x3.3Vx180A= 14,250 watt-hrs total - about 11,000 watt-hrs for 80%DOD)


All the details:


 Out of the pack: 


Details of the test run - power taken from the pack

(as taken from the Cycle Analyst with a fully charged pack - EV driven fairly hard on this run to get a worst case situation)


 Distance travel = 51.5km (or 32 miles)

MaxSpeed = 85km/h (or 53mph) - limited by road speed limits in my area of 80, 60 or 50 km/h

AvgSpeed = 49.7 km/h (or 30mph)

Gear Used = 4th only

Trip duration = 1 hour and 11 mins

MaxAmps = 440 amps

VMin = 65volts (as occurred when 440 Amps pulled - measured going into the motor controller so takes into account the voltage drop on high current cables etc)

Watt-Hours per Km = 110 w-h/km (or 187 w-h/mile)

Watt Hours used from pack = 5630 watt-hrs

75 Ah from pack (so about 42% DOD which would indicate a range of 100km would be achieved @ the 80% DOD figure)




Other Info (mainly for my reference):

Final Pack Voltage = 78.9 Volts with all cells measuring 3.28 Volts (within an amazing range of 3.283 to 3.278 how good is this technology!)

Trip Temperature (air) = 25 deg C

Battery Temperature (at pack) = 24 deg C

MaxMotor Temperature = 58 deg C

Hottest area on Transaxle Housing = 40 deg C

MaxController Temperature = 38 deg C

Acceleration (depends on how I program the controller) = best about 5 Sec for 0 - 60 km/h 4th gear only (450 Amp max)

Smokes the tyres in 3rd on acceleration! A good way to break stuff....


Into the pack:


Details of the full re-charging process - power put back into the pack (as read via a Watts Clever model MS-6118 series plug in power meter)

 Input 226 Volts @ 7.15 Amps (as measured by power meter) = 1616 watts

Output current (into pack) was 18 Amps @ a measured 80.2 volts during part of the 1st bulk charge phase = 1444 watts

This tends to indicate a charger efficiency of 1444/1616 x 100 = 89%

In addition, the power factor rating was shown to be .98


Elcon claim the charger has a "Full Load Efficiency" > or = to 93% with an AC Power Factor of > or = to .98

The measurement made today seems close to Elcon's claims.....


In my case, the total watt - hours taken from the wall to completely recharge the pack (including all three stages) was found to be 6800 watt - hours

So for the 51.5 km (32 Miles) trip, that would equal 132 w-h/km (or  212 w-h/mile) at the wall

Thus at my current "Off-Peak" rate of 11 cents per kilowatt-hr the recharge cost would be 75 cents. So that 51.5 km (32 Mile) trip would cost 1.5 cents per km (or 2.4 cents per mile)


Overall efficiency:

 (energy used vs energy put back in)


5630 watt-hrs/6800 watt-hrs = 83%


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