Conversion Process - Mechanical - Completion of adaptor plate assembly.....

The adaptor plate was kept as thin as possible (10mm) to keep the overall length of the motor/gearbox assembly as short as possible

The Mightyboy doesn't have a lot of space between front rails

To compensate a 6mm steel ring was laser cut and fitted to the inside of the assembly (see below) 

This steel ring "sandwiches" the adaptor plate thus reducing the moment of force on the mounting plate.....

Sensor/pickup will also be mounted off this steel plate

Speed sensor plan B!!!!

The clever magnets shown on Motor Coupler - Page 5 (the sensor magnets) seemed a good idea at the time but the Hall Effect device that I thought I had turned out to be a reed switch!! Hence back to the Photomicrosensor option....

Motor speed sensor componets

A - Omron EE-SX671 Photomicrosensor

B - Disc mounting and locating tabs

C - 8 slot disc (also have made a 4 slot disc)

D - Mounting bracket for Photomicrosensor

Speed sensor disc assembly

("Coupler removal instructions" also included for future service reference)

Another view.....

Close-up of Photomicrosensor and slot..... 

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