Conversion Process - Mechanical - Final motor - gearbox assembly.....

The final assembly....

Prior to final assembly, the motor was run using a single 12 volt battery, "run-out" of the mounted coupler was checked one more time.

With the unit assembled, the motor was powered up again, the gearbox was checked for noise and obvious balance issues.

Wiring shown is for 12 volt test only

The old starter motor hole provides an ideal spot to mount a plate to accommodate the connector required for the speed sensor (tacho) unit

see Testing motor and calibration of speed sensor page

A small junction box was made and secured to the motor housing with two 3.5mm screws threaded into two newly tapped 3.5mm holes

Most home EV converters simple cut these two wires and don't connect an over temp warning lamp.....

The internal temperature switch is a normally open connection and closes in a fault (over temperature) condition

Start of the front motor mount.....

This laser cut 6mm mild steel plate will have the two tabs bent back - two 40mm diameter rubber mounts will then be used to secure the mount to the chassis rail.

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