Using MightyBoyEV - Keeping it on the road - battery protection circuits.....

Please read the previous page for background information on why these circuits have been developed......

The completed alarm boxes - Velcro used for easy mounting/demounting....

The thermo switch units - silicone (neutral cure) was used here to bond them to the battery case......

A - Thermo switch units

B - Battery "Hi-Lo" alarm units

C - Main fuse

D - Spare fuse

And a view from the rear of the ute.....

A downloadable PDF version of the circuit below is available by clicking here

Please note that there are likely to be situations in the hot Adelaide summers where the temperature of the batteries may exceed 60 degrees C. The black tonneau cover does not aid this heat build-up and in some cases may need unclipping or complete removal to allow cooler battery temperatures. 

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