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Now that Mightyboyev is on the road and being used as a daily vehicle some thought is required in stocking spare service parts (just in case....). This is most likely not needed if you live in the US, Canada or the UK but in Australia, we need to source most of our EV parts from overseas hence delays can be involved . Also the design of this vehicle is very simple with all the major components easily and quickly replaceable. Hence keeping the mounting footprints standard by using the same item in replacement has advantages. Batteries are easily obtained from a local vendor and the Advanced DC motors very rarely give problems. So I have chosen to only carry spare brushes but perhaps keeping a carrier assembly and spring clips would also be desirable. I will also keep looking for a spare pot box - these can generally be picked up on special from the various US electric vehicle suppliers.


Spare Parts Stock Items

A - Delta-Q Charger

B - Alltrax Controller

C - Main Contactor

D - Main Circuit Breaker

E - Croydon 40 Amp SSR

F - Spare Main Pack Fuses

G - ADC Brush Set

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