Using MightyBoyEV - Adding some bling.....

New rims and tyres all around!

The 15 year old tyres started to delaminate and getting reasonable quality 12" replacements proved hard and the ones I could source were expensive.

Tempe Tyres to the rescue... They managed to find a combination 14" rims with fairly low profile Marshal tyres to do the job. The overall diameter works out to be extremely close to the original 12" combination. Original rolling circumference was 1740mm and with this configuration works out to 1742mm! There is however a slight weight gain of about 1.5kg per wheel which is not ideal.

They are slightly wider but some minor modification took care of fitting issues on the rear. These are a fairly low rolling resistance design and can be inflated to high pressure (50psi even). A +40 offset on the rims is required for use on the Mightyboy.

Tempe will send you a fitted and balanced wheel for testing just to make sure they will fit and you are happy. Very good service at a reasonable price! They also supply nice wheel nuts to suit any stud size and pitch....

New rims and tyres fitted - much nicer ride and handling.....

Another view....



Back again.... 

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