Using MightyBoyEV - Mightyboy meets Trev.....

Photograph of the Mightyboy on loan to the Australian Electric Vehicle Association at the "Science Alive 2009" weekend held in Adelaide. Also on display was Trev (the University of South Australia - project/prototype vehicle). the University has recently setup TREVipedia - here is a brief description from their website......

In 2003, staff and students at the University of South Australia embarked on a project to design, build and demonstrate an efficient commuter vehicle that could be powered from renewable energy sources. The result was Trev - the Two-seater Renewable Energy Vehicle. The prototype car had several key features:

The aim of TREVipedia is to facilitate the collaborative design of new versions of Trev that can be built by enthusiasts. The new designs will build on the experience gained with the University of South Australia prototype. The ultimate goal is to develop a "kit car" with a certified design and standard components. TREVipedia was launched in July 2009. Initially, it contained only notes on the University of South Australia prototype car. TREVipedia will become more useful as users contribute design ideas, detailed designs, and practical information that will help enthusiasts build their own Trevs.

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