Using MightyBoyEV - "Cycle Analyst?display problem.....

When the EV was used this morning, I noticed the “Cycle Analyst?display had faded out and just the bright backlight was on? After checking the voltages and connections to the unit, I removed the analyst and decided to bench test it in the workshop. I found the unit worked fine until you exceeded about 75 volts ?then the units display would faded in and out upon start-up?

After doing a quick Google search on the issue I found the answer...

Here is the eBike’s FAQ regarding this issue


I connected my CA to an [84V, 96V etc..] battery pack and the display screen seems to be fading in and out or operating erratically. What's up?

Unfortunately, the inrush current at these high voltages the moment that the Cycle Analyst was powered on can sometimes damage a resistor (R9) on the LCD circuit board that is in series with the backlighting LED. The nominal 270 ohm resistor then ends up becoming in the 10's of k Ohm. If this has happened, simply soldering a 1/4 watt replacement resistor that is between 300-600 ohms across the pads of R9 will solve the problem and restore full functionality up to the rated 100V.

Since Sept 2008, all CA boards have been modified to have a softer start-up which reduces the inrush current so that this is no longer a potential issue."

So a simple solution!! .

Here is a photograph of the modification (note I uses 2 - 820 ohm resistors is parallel)

(Also remember to glue the resistor(s) to the PCB - long term vibrations do cause issues)

 I also replaced the push button switch with a better quality C and K switch and relocated it to the front of the “Cycle Analyst?

This is more convenient given the way the unit is mounted in the Mightyboy.

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