Using MightyBoyEV - The first 1,000km.....

Well the first 1,000km were clocked up a few weeks ago without any issues other then minor things that are documented on the Project issues and resolutions page.

I should mentioned that the addition of the alloy rims and associated tyres  (see Adding some bling - new tyres and rims....) proved costly in terms of the extra energy required to turn them! In the end (largely thanks to Brayden via the Mightyboy forum) the correct size tyres (as per the factory) were sourced and fitted - ending up with a rolling circumference of 1620mm (previously 1740mm). With the original pressed steel rims and these new tyres I saved more than 5kg in weight per wheel as compared to the alloy configuration!! Simple could not believe it - this easily improved the w-h/km consumption..... Driving into the Adelaide CBD and back I now get around 80 w-h/km (or about 105 w-h/km really hitting it hard at the lights). Best I could get previously was around 86 w-h/km. And now the speedo, little Cycle Analysis and GPS all indicate the same speed. These results are with a relatively low tyre pressure of 30psi to try and provide a better ride. So I live and learn the hard way - the laws of physics win again re rotating mass. The controller needed some reprogramming to suit, mainly to slow down the "Up" and "Down" response rates. I will keep the alloy wheels but use them for static displays only.....

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