Using MightyBoyEV - Project issues and resolutions.....

Issue Resolution
After one month: Oddly enough no electrical, electronics or battery issues to date.....  
Windscreen wipers hitting windscreen rubber when used on "fast" speed setting Adjust wiper linkage arms (reduce travel)
Selecting of 2nd gear by accident.... Fabricate an bracket underneath the gearshift assembly to act as a lockout for 1st and 2nd gear
Increase rear vehicle ride height by 50mm (cosmetic only) Fabricate new adjustable shackles and change rubbers over polyurethane bushes - much better look!
Improve throttle "feel" Add and adjust a third light (non linear) spring to the PB-6 pot box arm (also acts as a third safety "return to off" safety spring)
Intermittent brake light switch
Replace original faulty brake lamp switch with new after market switch unit
July 12th 2009 general update: Still no issues to date - batteries and performance have improved now that the pack has been "Run In" a couple of months - easily more range then I need as a daily vehicle and only seem to be using 40 to 50% DOD. Heater takes the chill off nicely on our cool (4 degree) Adelaide mornings. Now have lowered the tyre pressure to 34 lbs and get a much better ride without noticing much (if any) difference in consumption (k-h/km). No charging issues with the Delta-Q to report - all batteries seem to balance nicely.  
Cheap older tyres showing signs of delaminating.... Upgrade tyres (and Wheels) check them out here!
Certainly improves the ride as well....
 “Cycle Analyst” display not showing - but backlight on? Here is the fix......
Squeaks in the rear suspension! Replace the aftermarket replacement rear spring bush rubbers with the correct Suzuki ones and turn-up new centre S/S inserts to suit.
December 2009: Fix for noise (RFI) picked up on AM radio band Fabricate a steel enclosure (a shielded box...) - Now all good....
February 8th 2010 general update approaching the first year of use: No major issues to date - batteries still performing fine and staying balanced with no problems. Slight increase now noticed in battery sag (maybe .5 volt) when compared to drawing the same high end currents a year ago. Would be nice to have better battery technology but will hang in there for a better overall solution and price point - will also look at going CAN (mainly as a learning curve for me to play with).
I will also continue trying to reduce weight, rotating mass and rolling resistance with the aim of breaking the 80 watt-hour/km figure. I currently am looking at some very light 12" by 4" Alloy rims that should prove useful in achieving this.....the Mightyboy is so light all these factors can make slight improvements - smaller/lighter wheels and reduced tyre weight included. Switching to modern battery technology would reduce the overall weight significantly and hence go a long way to achieving my target..
March 2010: Upgrade to light weight alloy rims (rare factory optional extra of the day) Light weight rims and Light weight rims - part 2
April 2010: Poor performance after 1500 w-h of use Replace battery number 6 - excessive voltage sag with old battery...
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