Using MightyBoyEV - Adding light weight alloy wheels.....

Thanks to the Mightyboy forum, another Mightyboy owner has sold me a rare set of unused light weight 12" Suzuki alloy rims. These were offered as an optional extra to Mightyboy purchasers in the early 1980's. I don't believe many were sold in Australia. Thanks must go to Steven in Queensland for arranging this....

A front view of one of the 4.1 kg 12" alloys

And the back view....

4" width on these - they take a standard 145/70/R12 tyre

Genuine Suzuki markings

Rim size as found on the inside of the rim....

And marked the same on the front side of the rim....

Front end align set to:

Toe-in = 1 degree 20 minutes

Trail = 13mm (.51 Inches)

KPI = 12 degrees 50 minutes

Castor angle = 3 degrees 15 minutes

For a complete log of faults and alterations please go to Project issues and resolutions.

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