Using MightyBoyEV - Nearly One year Old.....

As Mightyboy EV approaches its first birthday , I thought I should actually measure itís on road performance. The cheap AGM SLA Powersonic batteries used could be serviceable for another 18 months (if extremely lucky). The EV has done about 4,000km and the batteries have gone through about 200 recharges in the year (I have been overseas for parts of the year?.

Here are some updated figures as of January 2010:

This data is with the new (correct size) 12?narrower tyres fitted (@40PSI) and at between 28 and 35 degrees C. All W-h/km figures are from the pack - not at the wall. Charging SLA is very SOC dependant and is not very efficient compared to newer battery chemistries.

Please keep in mind I have programmed the motor controller for range rather than acceleration (I limit to just under 300 Amps - this also helps to prevent too much battery sag hopefully helping to get longer battery life). Performance would be much better with the more expense Li-Ion batteries but the extra money still seems a waste given the type of use the car was designed for? I will do the 0 to 80 km/h tests at some time as well. As mentioned the relatively low battery pack voltage limits the cars top speed performance anyway. The 30 to 35 km daily drives (max) have 40, 50 and 60 km/h speed zones so no issue.

A log of faults for the past year can be found at Project issues and resolutions.

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