Using MightyBoyEV - Continuing the test drive theme.....

Eric ( and myself took the boy out on a test drive to put a few more EV kilometres on the vehicle and check out any other issues on the restoration/conversion. Eric very kindly brought his camera along and has posted two YouTube videos of the fun morning (apart from the rain - but we need it...).

I will start a running page on this site to list project issues and there resolution. This page will be added to as things are modified as required and also service as a log of problems as the vehicle is put into daily use. I am currently buying some spares (main contractor, main switch, spare controller, motor brush set and SSR etc? before selling the second car. I am also looking at purchasing a second Delta-Q charger to run in parallel with the first. This will allow faster recharge times and give me some redundancy if one fails.

The issues that are seen in the following two YouTube videos are:

So now all is good?.

Many thanks to Eric for his time and support

Enjoy his YouTube clips!


MightyboyEV Drive ?Part 1 , MightyboyEV Drive ?Part 2 and  MightyBoyEV Drive - Part 3 YouTube video produced by Eric


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